Benefits Of Palatal Expanders For A Beautiful Smile

Feb 2, 2022 | Palatal Expanders

5 Smile-Worthy Benefits Of Palatal Expanders

The primary benefits of getting orthodontic treatment in childhood are its potential to correct the mouth width issue & can widen the upper jaw to get the complete beautiful smile,& to even control future dental issues. A palatal expander is a device created to help orthodontists do that.

Palatal expanders create more space in a child’s mouth by slowly enlarging the upper jaw. Although this might sound risky, it’s quite easy to handle. 

Keep reading to find out how palatal expanders can benefit your child’s dental health!

1. Widens Jaw To Make Room For More Teeth.

The palatal expander widens the upper jaw by placing gentle force on the upper molars and premolars each time an adjustment is made. This helps reduce crowding because as it broadens the jaw, it creates room for new permanent teeth. Down the way, this will help contain the need for teeth extraction when it comes time for orthodontic work.

2. Helps Alleviate Airway Obstruction  

Expansion of the upper jaw can ease breathing through the nose as it broads the nasal way. For young children, particularly those who breathe heavily through their mouth, this can help with a broad range of common health issues. Palatal expanders can have a positive impact on dental issues like teeth grinding, snoring, & can even reduce the chances of sleep apnea.

3. Correction Of Crossbite 

When a child’s upper jaw is too thin to fit perfectly with the lower jaw, the rear top teeth will bite inside the lower teeth rather than outside. This is corrected by broadening the upper jaw, using the palatal expanders. Whether your kid suffers from a unilateral or bilateral crossbite, expanders can solve the issue & set them up for a smooth experience with orthodontia later down the line.

4. Prevents Teeth Impaction 

Sometimes when a child’s teeth are overcrowded, it does not leave room for new growth to breakthrough. When a tooth that hasn’t come in and gets blocked by existing teeth, they become impacted that can be sad & needs oral surgery to correct. Enlarging the upper jaw lets the teeth erupt into proper positions on their own.

5. You’ll Get A Beautiful Smile! 

When the upper jaw is narrow, the fit between the upper and lower back teeth is affected, forcing a child to choose one best chewing side. In so doing, the lower jaw is held off to the opposing side (which highlights the crossbite of the teeth) & could result in permanent asymmetry. Expanding the upper jaw early can remove the dental interferences and let the lower jaw “center” itself below the upper jaw for an aesthetically attractive smile.

When it is about the oral health of your child, being visionary is always the best method of action. If you’re assuming orthodontic care or want to learn more about how palatal expanders work & could be right for your child, set up your consultation with us today.

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