Can I switch to clear braces even when undergoing metal braces treatment?

Nov 25, 2022 | Invisalign

Are you currently dissatisfied with your orthodontic treatment and wishing you could switch to Invisalign aligners instead of braces? You might not have yet to be aware of all your options, or you might not have realized how aligners would make you feel.
For an undetermined period, wearing metal braces has been the only way to repair crooked teeth. The tried-and-true procedure is inexpensive and produces precise teeth-straightening outcomes. But as dental science developed, clear aligners became a more practical alternative to metal braces.
They are transparent, pleasant, painless, and removable. Therefore, if you are one of those people currently receiving treatment with metal braces but would like to switch to clear braces treatment due to the benefits of their painless and non-intrusive therapy, you are good to go!

Why Should You Use Invisalign?

Clear plastic aligners, Invisalign, employ pressure to realign your smile and teeth gradually. Because they are far less noticeable when worn than fixed metal braces, they are a well-liked substitute. Additionally, they have the added benefit of being detachable and comfier.
You can remove your Invisalign aligners to eat, drink, and clean your teeth aligners, even though you must wear them for 20 to 22 hours each day for them to be effective. Removing your aligners for brushing is a significant advantage because cleaning your teeth with braces may be time-consuming and difficult.

Why Switch To Invisalign From Braces?

You’ve heard the main justifications for getting the Invisalign, but if your treatment has already started with fixed braces, why switch? There are a few reasons why someone might decide to switch from braces to Invisalign aligners among them:

  • A concern for one’s looks
  • Routines for oral hygiene take substantially longer
  • Dietary limitations
  • Dentinal demineralization
  • Metal brackets and wires can cause pain
  • Appointments for uncomfortable braces adjustments

What Is The Checklist For Changing From Metal To Transparent Braces?

Make An Appointment With Your Doctor

The first and most crucial step is to speak with your dentist. He will advise you on whether you can switch to clear aligners in the middle of your treatment, depending on where you are in your treatment and the state of your alignment.

Make The Right Brand Choice

The United States is home to so many distinct brands that choosing the best aligner may need to be clarified. For example, look into the brand’s years of experience, successful smile correction cases, doctors on staff, government certifications, ISO certification, etc., to make the best decision.

Oral Hygiene Review

Another crucial step is to go over dental hygiene with your dentist. It is a good idea to ask your dentist for advice and oral hygiene tips.

When Might Changing Treatments Not Be An Option?

You may not qualify for treatment if your orthodontic case is exceptionally severe and your dentist chose fixed braces above other solutions precisely for that reason.
Don’t give up; you might still be a candidate because Invisalign therapy is advancing technologically. The best method is to examine your teeth, consult an Invisalign provider, and ask them.

Need To Transition To Invisalign From Braces? Look No Further Than Auburn Lakes Orthodontics in The Woodlands and Klein, Texas!

Whether you have an overbite, underbite, crowding, or gap in your teeth, Invisalign has you covered. They give you the perfect grin, raise your self-esteem, and enhance your oral health with their subtle, progressive movements. Always brush your teeth before putting them back in your Invisalign when you remove them for meals.
Do not hesitate to contact our office in The Woodlands and Klein, Texas, if you need clear braces treatment!