Achieve A Healthy Smile With BRIUS Lingual Braces

Feb 11, 2022 | BRIUS® Lingual System

7 Things to Know About BRIUS Lingual Braces: 

1. Fewer Visits & An Improved Smile

Patients will choose fewer appointments to the orthodontist & BRIUS delivers that option. BRIUS lingual braces have a unique and time-saving benefit where examination appointments will be briefer than before, just as long as there is no gap within the braces. Fortunately, the orthodontist can utilize elastics with BRIUS braces, unlike traditional braces.

2. Everyone Is Different But Will Get an Improved Smiles in a Shorter Time

People have detected that the standard ratio of time to wear braces, has shortened by at least half the standard time frame. BRIUS braces have a more rapid adjustment time than any other brace option.

3. Potential For No Adjustments With BRIUS Lingual Braces

Complex access is what makes traditional lingual braces less fortunate to patients. They can be more than challenging. Due to the inaccessibility of the lingual side of the teeth for adjustments, this can add to painful cleaning appointments. However, BRIUS gets placed on the lingual side where no adjustments are required. This bridge side allows the orthodontist to check and help.

4. BRIUS Is More Comfortable

Patients have highly favored BRIUS & most have realized how comfortable it was to resume at-home cleaning. Flossing can be continued as normal, along with mouthwash of any fluoride mouthwash is perfectly fine to use. BRIUS lingual braces have no traditional wires that interfere with a patient’s usual brushing & flossing routine.

5. Cut Food Into Smaller Pieces to Enjoy

BRIUS lingual & traditional braces have only one thing in common & it is the food factor. However, all patients who have just had work done on their teeth should take similar precautions when it is about hard raw foods. Unlike aligners, BRIUS lingual braces can not be removed while eating or drinking. It is where BRIUS has a little favor with patients over potential flexible aligners. There is no chance of placing in an aligner or misplacing an aligner after eating or brushing.

6. Less Force

This process moves all the teeth simultaneously and independently of each other, which is much more useful and efficient than traditional braces or clear aligners. BRIUS lingual braces exert a gentle force on the teeth so that treatment becomes almost painless.

7. Mild To Moderate

Typical BRIUS cases fall into the mild to moderate type. Now, only our orthodontist in The Woodlands, TX, can convey which category a patient falls. Since this type of brace are now a go-to medium fixer where patients can affirm they will have a beautiful smile with straight teeth. Using a new non-sliding orthodontic procedure that shifts each tooth independently. 

BRIUS® Lingual System In The Woodlands, TX

It is not surprising why people in The Woodlands, TX, choose BRIUS® lingual braces because they cant be seen when you eat, laugh, or smile & get the straight smile without even getting them noticed. If you are also one of those people get in touch & contact us to schedule your appointment now.