At Auburn Lakes Orthodontics in The Woodlands and Klein, TX, you can achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, without the discomfort and look of traditional metal braces. 

The Invisalign system straightens teeth with a series of custom-fitted, clear, removable aligners. The results speak for themselves and the perks are undeniably awesome:

  • Great for teens and adults
  • Virtually invisible
  • Little to no speech disruption
  • No food restrictions
  • No special tools for brushing and flossing
  • No worrying about sharp wires or breaking brackets
  • Shorter average treatment time
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Factors Affecting the Cost of Invisalign

Several factors impact the price quotes you’ll receive for Invisalign. The type and duration of the treatment involved, reputation of the dentist, practice location, and aftercare all affect the final Invisalign cost.

Type of Treatment Required

The Invisalign cost will largely depend on the type and extent of the treatment you will need to correct your smile. How much the orthodontist needs to move your teeth and the length of treatment both factor into the final price. In some cases, Invisalign can prove less expensive than traditional braces.
Clear aligner therapy (CAT) represents a complex procedure in which the dentist carefully repositions your teeth to make them look aesthetically pleasing and ensure proper function. If you require lengthy treatment and several aligners, you may have to pay a little more.


Your current location determines the price of Invisalign treatment. Typically, the Invisalign cost rises in urban and suburban neighborhoods. The cheapest Invisalign treatments remain available in the rural areas of America’s midwestern and southern states.


Most orthodontists will suggest that you use a retainer after your Invisalign treatment. Most Invisalign offers do not include retainers, and their price can range anywhere between $400 to $1000 for an entire set. At Auburn Lakes Orthodontics, we understand how quickly teeth can move back, which is why we incorporate retainers into the cost of our Invisalign treatment. Each Invisalign patient receives one set of complementary Invisalign brand retainers.”

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