Wish you could straighten your teen’s teeth without the hassle of traditional braces and aligners? You can! The lingual BRIUS® system from Auburn Lakes Orthodontics in The Woodlands and Klein, TX makes it easy to have a straight smile in a shorter amount of time.

The BRIUS® system for teens is an advanced orthodontics solution that fits invisibly behind the teeth and gently moves them without repeated adjustments, resulting in a shorter treatment time. It’s easy to eat, drink, brush and floss while wearing BRIUS®, and even complex cases can be treated because the teeth move independently and simultaneously. It’s the most advanced and stress-free way to get a straight, beautiful smile.

We know orthodontic work can feel challenging and we do everything possible to make your teen’s experience comfortable, affordable, and hassle-free. Having a BRIUS® system installed at Auburn Lakes Orthodontics in The Woodlands and Klein, TX is simple and well worth it because of the beautiful results and low maintenance.

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Here’s how the process works:

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Call to schedule a consultation.

We know it can be difficult to fit appointments into your life. We’ll work with you to find a time that suits your schedule well.
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Get your teen fitted for BRIUS®.

During your teen’s appointment, our highly qualified team will evaluate the teeth and bite and create a care plan to get your loved one on the way to the very best smile.
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Enjoy a straight smile.

When we install the BRIUS® system, we’ll check to make sure it fits properly and teach you and your teen the ins and outs of a successful treatment, from start to finish. You’ll love the ease of treatment and a new, straighter smile!
If you want to prioritize comfort and convenience, we have the solution for you! When your teen experiences the freedom and invisibility of BRIUS®, you’ll all be delighted, and your teen will enjoy the confidence of a beautiful smile.

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