The Benefits Of Invisalign For Adults

Feb 25, 2022 | Invisalign

Invisalign For Adults

It can be difficult to choose when someone is over the age of 18 decides on Invisalign for adults – especially if they have only heard of traditional metal braces. The good news is that there are now more choices for those adults who need orthodontic treatment. No matter the circumstance, adults no longer have to worry about wearing aligners made of metal wire & brackets. Instead, they can straighten their teeth using a discreet option – Invisalign. Learn about the different reasons why Invisalign for adults is the perfect orthodontic treatment.

The Benefits Of Invisalign For Adults

The process alone is a benefit. But here are some more reasons you should get adult Invisalign.

1. They’re Invisible

No one will know you’re wearing Invisalign unless you tell them. Invisalign is made from plastic that’s smooth enough not to hurt or poke inside of your mouth but robust enough to slowly shift your teeth. When you wear them, they’re invisible. And who doesn’t want treatment without wires, rubber bands, or anything visible to others?

2. Low Maintenance

When you have traditional wired braces, there are a bunch of wires around your teeth. You can’t eat super crunchy food & chew gums. You won’t have to come in and get Invisalign tightened every week, which implies you won’t have to find time from your busy schedule & come to visit the orthodontist. You have to come to pick up your next aligner tray and go.

3. They’re Not Painful

If you have crowded teeth, wire braces can be painful. In some circumstances, it’s severe, when they’re just installed or tightened. Most patients report having no pain with their adult Invisalign orthodontic aligners. That’s due to the multiple-tray adjustment technique. We create multiple aligner trays for you to replace them one by one as you move forward towards getting more symmetrical teeth.

4. You Can Eat & Drink

There’s no restriction on eating food when you have Invisalign, you can eat apples, gum, sticky candy, and even popcorn. Another benefit of Invisalign for adults is that you just have to take the braces out before eating or drinking.

5. It’s Way Faster

Depending on how poor your teeth alignment is, you will be done with your treatment in a short time. Most people get a beautiful & straight smile in very little time, but again – it depends on your tooth condition & how dedicated you are to wearing your aligners.

Invisalign For Adults In The Woodlands, TX

Invisalign for adults is proven to be the best orthodontics treatment for adults who shy away from getting metal braces as they are visible & people take notice of that & can make you feel awkward. A discreet way of aligning teeth is more preferred amongst adults & finally, it gives out the aligned smile you have always wanted. 

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