The importance of early orthodontic intervention in children

Jan 5, 2022 | Orthodontics

People now increasingly realize the need for periodical dental checkups for their children and its inevitable role in keeping our teeth healthy. Earlier detection of dental problems helps orthodontists to deliver the best results within the shortest period. Here are the five reasons why they think it is important to have an early orthodontic intervention.  

Earlier detection helps deliver the best results

By examining the teeth of a child by the age of 7, it helps orthodontists to prevent any future problems in the teeth. It also gives them early access to the possible treatment for solving dental problems. During the first visit itself, the dentist will assess the front to back and side to side bites of the child. This will give them an understanding of the open bite, overbite, or any crowing of the teeth in the child. It helps kids dentists in the Woodlands address two important conditions namely protruding teeth and crossbites at an early stage itself. So the dentist can deliver the best results when they get the opportunity to examine the child’s teeth at an early age. 

Growth of the Jaw

Earlier the braces were provided for the children only during their early adolescence. But nowadays it has become common for children to begin orthodontics at an early age itself. The latest advancements in technology and new equipment in dentistry help to better position the permanent teeth that are being erupted. Earlier, extraction was the only solution. However, kids dentists in the Woodlands now use palatal expanders for the widening of the upper arch. This new technique helps provide increased space for adult teeth to emerge and thus improve the possibility of those teeth becoming straight. 

Prevent future complications with Teeth

Through early ortho screening, pediatric dentists can detect potential problems well in advance. It also enhances the possibilities of an effective treatment. If a person avails dental treatment at an older age, there is a greater possibility of surgery or tooth extractions which can be avoided through early screening of dental problems in children. It is also helpful in maintaining good dental health.

Shorter Treatment Period

This is one of the greatest advantages of early orthodontic intervention. By starting orthodontic treatment early, the dentist can treat the dental problems simultaneously with the growth of the jaw. It could further minimize the time required for wearing the braces.  

Why choose Auburn Lakes Orthodontics?

At times, the younger children’s mouth may not be suitable for orthodontic treatment. In such a scenario, the orthodontist will carefully monitor the teeth of the child through regular dental visits. The treatment will be then initiated when the orthodontist feels it is the right time. Auburn Lakes Orthodontics provides best-in-class orthodontic treatment for kids in the Woodlands. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced equipment, the highly experienced pediatric dentist at the Woodlands ensures the children have a healthy smile always.