Things You Must Know About Orthodontic Treatment in The Woodlands

Dec 23, 2021 | Dental Care, Dental Health, Invisalign, Oral Health, Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the treatment of abnormalities and flaws in the teeth and jaws. We offer treatment to patients of all ages, no matter how old or young. The dentists of Auburn Lakes recommend that kids have their first orthodontic evaluation around the age of 7, and we support that advice. Early detection, prevention, and intervention can fix issues before the need for orthodontic treatment. Many parents don’t admit that children should first visit the orthodontist at a young age. Our Auburn lakes orthodontist office welcomes patients of all ages for all types of treatment.

Early Treatment

While we treat patients of all ages, there is an optimum time to visit & begin your orthodontist treatment in Woodlands. We urge you to bring your child to a dental clinic for their first visit around the age of 7 or at the first indication of orthodontic issues, whichever comes first. It is best to bring your child in early to plan out their treatment and choose the best course of action. Some of the benefits and results:

  • Making space for new teeth
  • Controlling jaw growth and facial symmetry
  • Ensuring front teeth don’t get damaged
  • Space for future teeth
  • Reducing braces treatment time

Adult Braces

Adults deserve to have aligned & straight teeth, too! You are never too old to feel assured about your appearance. To get proper Orthodontic treatment in Woodlands, you need to have healthy gums and bones to move your teeth. Our adult patients prefer Invisalign to straighten their teeth who do not want to wear traditional metal brackets. Your new smile can begin today— give us a call, and we will set up a free consultation in Auburn Lakes!

Adult braces and orthodontic treatment is about more than just impressions. Though it can enhance your oral health, at the same time, you must know how to take care of your braces, or else you are likely to form cavities.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is generally called jaw surgery. We use this surgery to correct the jaw that enhances both the shape and position of your jaw. Some jaw surgeries can fix abnormalities & can make you look nice. State-of-the-art materials, automated planning, cutting-edge technology, and professional doctors provide the foundation for a successful surgery. This innovative technology and tools help dentists lessen the recovery time and add a level of serenity to your surgery.
Orthognathic surgery is not needed, for most patients, as orthodontic treatment can typically fix the issue. In our consultations, we will decide if surgery is the best option for you, and if it is, we will walk you through your choices.

Our dental office in Woodlands is known for being truly professional. The orthodontics here are friendly, acquainted, and create beautiful smiles. We even treat many locals and their families! Come in for a positive consultation, and let us show you around.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive orthodontic checkup that will help us determine which orthodontic treatment in Woodlands is most suitable as per your oral conditions. Call us at 281.656.9102 to book an appointment for a free consultation with the best dental office located in Woodlands, or you can contact us to determine what treatment is best for you. We look forward to meeting you and your family and relish the chance to help you embrace your new & healthy smile!