Top 5 Tips On Caring And Wearing Braces

Nov 30, 2022 | Braces

Having orthodontic treatment is the first step toward achieving a healthy, attractive smile, so congrats on making that decision. One of the most crucial things to remember is that caring for your teeth and gums becomes much more important while wearing braces.

Here are five suggestions for maintaining your braces.

5 Tips For Looking After Your Braces

Brushing With Braces After Each Meal

One of the most excellent brace cares advice is to brush your teeth after every meal to keep your braces clean. Brushing should always be done twice a day, but if you have braces, you must brush right away after eating to remove any food particles that may have lodged in the brackets.  Because of the braces, you might not be able to clean your teeth properly, but you can still do it by gently, circularly massaging your teeth. 

Avoid pushing yourself too hard since you could damage your gums or loosen your braces. Using an electric toothbrush while wearing braces is a simple tip or trick because it will clean each tooth thoroughly and gently without damaging the braces, gums, or surrounding teeth.

Utilize A Tool For Orthodontic Flossing

For getting rid of leftover food, flossing is beneficial. It’s important to do this when wearing braces. Food becomes stuck between the metal wires. This food might need to be more effectively removed with a toothbrush.

Getting a water-powered flossing machine is the most brilliant move you can make if you have braces. This machine uses high water pressure to reach between your teeth, even wearing braces. There are other options available for individuals who cannot purchase this tool. 

An orthodontic flossing instrument is also available. This one is made especially for people who wear braces. To ensure that you can always keep your braces clean, ask your orthodontist where you can purchase this item.

Skip The Soft Drinks

A soft drink is one of the worst drinks you consume when wearing braces. In addition to being high in sugar, they may also damage your braces due to their acidity. Additionally, consuming sugary or acidic beverages can discolor your teeth and raise your chance of developing cavities.

If you can, stick to drinking water, but if you must have something else, choose 100% fruit juice or a smoothie. Another way to reduce contact between sugary beverages and your teeth is using a straw.

Be Wary of the Foods You Consumes While Wearing Braces

When you receive braces for the first time, food limitations are one of the most frequently discussed subjects. The good news is that it’s simply a short-term situation! You will need to change your eating habits while wearing braces, but adhering to these recommendations is not tricky.

It is simpler to eat small bites with a fork or spoon. Yes, eating pizza with a fork or slicing an apple before eating it is painful, but it lowers the risk of damaging braces or discomfort. Eat foods like frozen yogurt or cold water if your mouth hurts after a recent adjustment. These foods’ cold temperatures reduce mouth discomfort.

Follow All Orthodontic Guidelines

Your orthodontist is a specialist who understands how braces function, how to take care of them, and how to keep them in good condition. To acquire that lovely new smile, you’ll visit this specialist roughly once a month to adjust and tighten your braces. Always pay attention and obey your orthodontist’s instructions concerning your braces. Also, remember that your orthodontist is available to you if you have any queries, suggestions, or worries regarding your orthodontic care.

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