What Should You Know About Invisalign Teen?

Feb 18, 2022 | Invisalign

How is Invisalign Teen Different From Invisalign for Adults?

Invisalign Teen is created especially for teenagers. It has features like eruption tabs to adjust erupting teeth. Another huge perk is the system has some free replacement aligners, whereas traditional Invisalign does not. It isn’t an issue for 96% of the Invisalign Teen patients of Auburn Lakes. They are good about wearing their aligners and not losing them, but we know this does give parents peace of mind.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign Teen?

The Benefits of Invisalign Teen include:

  • Virtually Invisible – The aligners are smooth and nearly invisible. They slip right over the teeth, and most individuals won’t be able to notice that your teenager is wearing them. While some teens prefer metal braces, because they want to flaunt colorful elastics, others don’t want to pull attention to their smiles. If your teen falls into the latter camp, our dentist in Spring, TX, recommends Invisalign Teen lear braces.
  • No Food Restrictions – One of the other benefits of Invisalign Teen is that teenagers can enjoy their favorite food during treatment since they’ll remove the aligners out before eating their snacks. With braces, kids have to avoid popcorn, pizza crust, chewy candy, and some other favorites.
  • Brushing and Flossing is a Breeze – Teens will take off their aligners to clean their teeth. There is no hardware to work around & they can brush and floss their teeth normally.
  • Comfortable – The aligners are super comfy. They GET crafted from smooth plastic, and we design them based on a 3D model of their mouth, providing a flawless fit. They won’t scratch the inside of the mouth like braces sometimes can.
  • Won’t Get in the Way – Not that braces contain kids from playing sports or an instrument, but Invisalign for teens can make it more comfortable. Teenagers won’t have to stress getting cut by their hardware if they get hit in the mouth during a match or while hitting a high note on a winding device.
  • No Adjustments or Emergency Visits – The aligners get designed in a series and pre-programmed. There are no adjustments, so appointments are short and painless. You won’t have emergency restoration appointments either as there is nothing that can damage them.
  • Excellent for a Variety of Cases – The digital therapy planning procedure is accurate. Also, because of our experience with aligners and creations like Invisalign attachments and rubber bands, we can achieve more complicated tooth movements with Invisalign than we could in the past. It means that many teens are good prospects for clear aligners and will see amazing effects.

How Much Does Invisalign Teen Cost?

The cost of Invisalign for teens alters depending on how complicated your child’s issue is and how long their treatment will prevail. Once we get a chance to examine their bite and create a treatment plan.

Invisalign Teen In Spring, TX

Book an appointment & we can let you know the exact Invisalign Teen cost & who does Invisalign will work on your teenager’s teeth at our dental office in Spring, TX. Contact us to get Invisalign Teen for your kid Today!