What To Consider Before Deciding On Lingual BRIUS® System

Mar 16, 2022 | BRIUS® Lingual System

Not all braces get created equally, nor do they need a mouthful of metal. Lingual braces are one option that is best suited for those looking for an obscure method for straightening their smile. The following are a few things you should know as you decide whether these are the right choice for you.

#1: How Lingual Braces Are Different from Traditional Braces?

Braces set on the inside surface of the teeth get used with a similar style as traditional braces, but rather than using traditional brackets and wires, it uses custom-made brackets and wires for the individual patient. Because lingual braces are attached to the inside of your teeth, they are hidden when you smile or talk.

 #2: Do They Take Longer to Place?

Placing lingual braces is equivalent to traditional braces on the outside of the teeth. Since lingual braces treatment is a customized treatment that is generally fast. Dental office visit frequency and length of appointments are similar to regular traditional metal braces.

#3: Is There a Price Difference?

Lingual braces are more costly because each bracket is customized, unlike regular braces that are generic and are identical for all patients. If you have orthodontic insurance, it will probably cover lingual braces, but you may have to pay an extra fee.

#4: Lingual Braces Should be Placed on all The Teeth?

It relies on the treatment plan that you work out with your dentist. If you only require braces for cosmetic purposes, indicating there are no medical problems with the condition of your bite, then the dentist can place the braces only on the visible teeth in front. It will straighten them so that your smile looks more praiseworthy. A morally cosmetic, front-teeth treatment only may even cost less than an entire set of braces. Another option is if you only want the lower or upper teeth straightened. In this case, you will only have the lingual braces installed where they are required.

 #5: Are There Special Hygiene Requirements?

Like traditional braces, you will have to take special care of oral hygiene. It can be a little tougher to make sure food isn’t clung between the braces since they won’t be visible. You may want to invest in a teeth small dental mirror so you can check the progress of your braces or after brushing and flossing if they got cleaned properly. It can also be beneficial to use a water pick to help clear food that gets stuck in the braces. 

 #6: What About Food Restrictions?

Since the lingual Brius system is still bracket and wire braces, you will require to be cautious about your nutrition choices. Avoid hard or crunchy foods, like popcorn or sticky gum.s Softer foods are the most suitable choice since they are the least likely to damage the braces.

Lingual BRIUS System

If you have crooked, irregular, overcrowded teeth & do not want to wear those visible traditional metal braces, then go for obscure lingual braces orthodontic treatment that provide the benefit of concealed teeth straightening treatment. Contact us at our dental office in Spring, TX, to know more about lingual braces