5 Reasons To Choose Clear Aligners

Mar 9, 2022 | Clear Aligners

Why Choose Clear Aligners? 

As cosmetic dentists, we present a better orthodontic treatment option, the clear aligners method. It is a perfect solution for anyone looking to get a more beautiful, healthier smile, without having to bear the annoyance of wearing traditional metal braces. Keep on reading to hear a few good reasons for getting clear aligner treatment then give us a call at 281.656.9102, when you are ready to take the next step. Our Auburn Lakes dental office is all set to hear from you!

1. Clear Aligner: Virtually Invisible

No one feels nice about the way metal braces look on their teeth. So, if you are feeling self-conscious about your smile, you won’t be getting any further attention on your clear aligners treatment.

That’s because, with clear aligners, there won’t be any metal involved. Instead, the current orthodontic treatment uses clear plastic aligners to move your teeth into correct positions. 

2. Clear Aligners Are Not Permanently Installed

Old traditional braces had to stay in your mouth for 2-3 years. Clear aligners won’t function like that. You can take them out of your mouth for eating, brushing, flossing, and at any other time. You have to wear clear aligners for 22 hours a day to stay on schedule, but we can talk about what that means during your easy orthodontics consultation at our dental office in Spring, TX, for clear aligners.

3. No Major Lifestyle Change!

Wearing traditional braces can feel like a full-time job since you have to schedule time away from your job to get an orthodontic appointment at the dental office each month. But this is not the case with clear aligners. Instead, you get to control the procedure by switching to your new clear aligners for the next ones in the series.

This can be done from the comfort of your own home, about your schedule.

What’s more, you won’t have to wear wires or buy particular foods that won’t get entrapped in your metal wires and brackets. None of those problems will apply to your Invisalign clear aligners.

4. Aligners Are Comfortable!

Invisalign aligners are a pleasure to wear in comparison to other braces because they don’t cause pain. They are more like a mouthguard as they fit comfortably over your teeth. As such, you won’t require to depend on waxes to form a defensive wall over your soft tissues. With your clear aligners, there won’t be any bleeding, pain, or discomfort. 

5. Transformation Happens Fast!

With Invisalign, you will never have to wait long because you will appear and feel much better in only 12 months. In the end, you will get a smile that you will cherish your entire life.

Clear Aligners In Spring, TX

Invisalign has gained more popularity & success over the years. People prefer a more discreet way of straightening their teeth over metal braces. Clear aligners are made for teens & adults as well. If you also want to have a beautiful & straight smile, contact us today to book your appointment at our dental office in Spring, TX.