Why Pitts 21 System Gets Preferred Over Metal Braces?

Feb 7, 2022 | Pitts 21 System

Pitts 21 System: A Faster & Better Option

There are numerous types of braces known to give you a beautiful & straight smile. However, which system is correct for you and can give you even more reasons to smile? To learn all about the type of braces ideal for your teeth, you must consult with an orthodontist in Spring, TX. They will explain all of your choices and introduce you to other options, such as Pitts 21.

What Is the Pitts 21 System?

The Pitts 21 System comprises inactive, self-litigating braces that concentrate on using state-of-the-art low-friction. Unlike conventional braces, this system gets designed to use light energy for healthy tooth motion. You get the chance to attain a gorgeous, natural smile that delivers a lot more than just straight teeth.

The Pitts 21 system delivers relaxed orthodontic treatment. The braces themselves may look similar to conventional braces, besides that Pitts 21 has soft rounded corners. Another contrast between them is the ligature. The ligature ties the braces together. Traditional braces use rubber bands or elastic ties. Braces that are self-litigating have spring-loaded brackets that keep archwires in position. It qualifies for a more relaxed fit that enables better motion.

The strategy is purposefully low-profile. Traditional braces stick out more and can be annoying. Modifying the profile protrusion to ease irritation is just one of the many advantages of the Pitts 21 system.

Are Pitts 21 Systems Better Than Metal Braces?

The Pitts 21 system is impressive. It is the only self-litigating system that provides 3D control. Consider Pitts 21 self-litigating braces to be the revolutionary design that makes obtaining braces even more comfortable. Now you’re more than likely thinking about how the Pitts 21 System works?

The Pitts 21 System Is Innovative

The function of braces is to exert constant pressure for a prolonged period to shift teeth. The force is what moves teeth into the preferred location. It is the archwires, especially, liable for this. Self-litigating braces like the Pitts 21 system use spring-loaded brackets put on teeth to maintain the archwires. Once all of the wires get placed in position, the brackets are sealed shut. There are no rubber bands or elastics to add pressure. And, ultimately there is no need to frequently visit your orthodontist for tightening.

Who Doesn’t Want Faster Treatment?

The shorter period you require to spend wearing braces, the better. Two years is the standard length of time needed to wear braces. However, the Pitts 21 system shifts teeth faster. There are rarer appointments with shorter treatment duration than metal braces.

Pitts 21 Braces Has Many Benefits

Yes, the creative approach to Pitts 21 braces makes them comfier than traditional braces. Other factors make them a fantastic choice, as well. The round edges make them comfortable to clean. Just a swish of water can get them free from most food. Overall, the Pitts 21 System is more beneficial for you. The efficient motion will enhance oral health by keeping your tooth roots. The gentle pressure used also helps contain tooth loss and gum slumps. The Pitts 21 System improves oral health and safeguards your gum health sufficiently in the long run.

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